Welcome to the Brand page for “REVIO”, which is offered here for Fabrics for textile use; quilt; quilt covers; bed sheets; pillowcases; bed blankets; sleeping bags; swaddling blankets; wall hangings of textile; curtains; curtains made of textile fabrics; unfitted fabric covers for furniture; cushion covers; towels; bath towels; textile handkerchiefs; picnic blankets; labels of textile; blankets for household pets;yarn; spun cotton; spun wool; rayon yarn; mixed spun threads and yarns; elastic yarn for textile use; threads; cotton yarn; natural fiber yarn; semi-synthetic fiber thread and yarn, chemically treated natural fiber yarn; chemical fiber base mixed thread and yarn; synthetic fiber thread and yarn; elastic thread for textile use; silk thread; rayon thread;textile fibers; synthetic fibers for textile use; chemical fibers for textile use; fleece wool; wool flock for stuffing; raw silk; silk flock for stuffing; raw silk waste; schappe, raw silk waste; carbon fibers for textile use; plastic fibers for textile use; polyester fibers; polyester batting; fibers made of polyester for textile use; artificial cotton fibers; viscose fibers; rayon fibers; pig bristles not for brush-making; flock for stuffing; down feathers;.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is unavailable. “REVIO” is believed to be currently owned by “KINGWHALE CORPORATION”.

Owner Details
Fabrics for textile use; Quilt; Quilt covers; Bed sheets; Pillowcases; Bed blankets; Sleeping bags; Swaddling blankets; Wall hangings of textile; Curtains; Curtains made of textile fabrics; Unfitted fabric covers for furniture; Cushion covers; Towels; Bath towels; Textile handkerchiefs; Picnic blankets; Labels of textile; Blankets for household pets;Yarn; Spun cotton; Spun wool; Rayon yarn; Mixed spun threads and yarns; Elastic yarn for textile use; Threads; Cotton yarn; Natural fiber yarn; Semi-synthetic fiber thread and yarn, chemically treated natural fiber yarn; Chemical fiber base mixed thread and yarn; Synthetic fiber thread and yarn; Elastic thread for textile use; Silk thread; Rayon thread;Textile fibers; Synthetic fibers for textile use; Chemical fibers for textile use; Fleece wool; Wool flock for stuffing; Raw silk; Silk flock for stuffing; Raw silk waste; Schappe, raw silk waste; Carbon fibers for textile use; Plastic fibers for textile use; Polyester fibers; Polyester batting; Fibers made of polyester for textile use; Artificial cotton fibers; Viscose fibers; Rayon fibers; Pig bristles not for brush-making; Flock for stuffing; Down feathers;