Weizhong Deng

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Owner Address:No. 2 North Gate Road Shuibei Dengwu, Shipai Town Dongguan, Guangdong 523330 China
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Loudspeakers; Bags specially adapted for underwater camera housings; Batteries and battery chargers; Cases adapted for holding smartwatches; Digital media streaming devices; Downloadable graphic art reproductions; Electrical adapters; Electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; Fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for electronic devices, namely, MP3 players, mobile telephones, smart telephones, digital cameras, global positioning systems and personal digital assistants; Laptop computer cooling pads; Portable photography equipment, namely, reflectors, tripods, light stands and supports and bags specially adapted for these goods; Protective covers and cases for tablet computers; Smartphone mounts; Swivelling stands adapted for computers; Wireless chargers;CAPZO STONE;The wording ''CapzoStone'' has no meaning in a foreign language.;