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Owner Address:20901 NE 30th court aventura FL 33180
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Sweat pants; Sweaters; T-shirts; Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms;




The mark consists of picture of the white hand holding a marionette operating cross with six threads going through small letters e, r, capital letter d and small letter o attached to an athletic shoe/sneaker and three words: The SneakerDon, words Sneaker and Don being attached. The hand is gripping the operating cross in a fist-like manner with front part going in between the pointer and middle fingers; the middle, ring and pinkie fingers are on the left part of the cross and the thumb, with its finger nail visible, looping under the right part of the cross with the pointer finger being on top of the cross and next to the thumb nail. High top athletic shoe with solid medium gray upper, a wavy midsole that is comprised of three colors with black on top, white below, black and red on the bottom, and a solid black outsole; the gray upper has tied black shoelaces and a design of thin black rays coming outward from shoelaces towards the black wavy midsole in a sunburst pattern. The three words are being in a serif font and in black color; the top portion of capital letter S in word Sneaker is being extended over the small letters n, e and a to small letter k; the word the being above the platform formed by the extension of a capital letter S, with welded capital letter T and small letter h; word Don is written with a capital letter D and written after and attached to the word Sneaker.;THE SNEAKER DON;Athletic footwear; Athletic shoes;The color(s) black, gray, white and red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;