Shenzhen Triple Tree Branding LLC

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Owner Address:F/4, Bldg.5, Mengliyuan Ind. Zone No.146, Yousong Rd., Longhua New Dist. Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000 China
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The mark consists of stylized English wording as ARCTICSCORPION.;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;Air pumps for automobiles; Anti-skid chains for vehicles; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Anti-theft automotive alarms; Automobile chassis; Automobile hoods; Axle bearings for land vehicles; Axles for vehicles; Baby carriages; Bags adapted for pushchairs; Bands for wheel hubs; Brake discs for vehicles; Brake linings for vehicles; Brake segments for motor cars; Brake shoes for vehicles; Caps for vehicle fuel tanks; Chains for motor cars; Clutches for land vehicles; Couplings for land vehicles; Covers for vehicle steering wheels; Crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; Driving motors for land vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Fitted covers for vehicles; Fitted footmuffs for baby carriages; Fitted footmuffs for strollers; Fitted stroller mosquito nets; Gearing for land vehicles; Headlight wipers; Hoods for vehicle engines; Hoods for vehicles; Horns for vehicles; Hub caps; Hydraulic circuits for vehicles; Joysticks for land vehicles; Motors for land vehicles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Roll cage trolleys; Safety seats for children, for vehicles; Seat safety harnesses for motor cars; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Shopping carts; Side view mirrors for vehicles; Sleeping berths for vehicles; Spoilers for vehicles; Steering wheels for vehicles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Tilt trucks; Tipping bodies for trucks; Tire mousse inserts; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Trolleys; Upholstery for vehicles; Vehicle chassis; Vehicle running boards; Vehicle wheel rims;The wording ARCTICSCORPION has no meaning in a foreign language.;