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Masquerade costumes; leather shoes; leather jackets; leather headwear; belts made of leather; garters; gaiters of leather; nurses dresses; outer jackets; rubber shoes; golf shoes; Korean traditional hats gwan; school uniforms; shoe soles; kimonos; wooden shoes; nightcaps clothing; anglers' shoes; Korean traditional winter caps nanbawi; suspender belts for men; men's suits; basketball sneakers; knitted caps; shoes; wrist bandsclothing daenim; collars for Korean traditional overcoats dongjeong; Korean traditional overcoats durumagi; dresses; dress suits; climbing boots; mountaineering boots; rain coats; long jackets; coats for men and women; liveries; Korean traditional outer jacket magoja; Korean headbands made of horsehair manggon; mantles clothing; money belts; caps (headwear); sun visors; skull caps; furs coats and jackets; mules; wind-resistant jackets; wind-resistant vests; braces suspenders; shorts; half-boots; suit coats; trousers for sweating; waterproof jackets and pants; rainproof jackets; winter clothes; winter face masks; winter jackets; winter boots; volleyball shoes; Korean traditional waistcoats baeja; bermuda shorts; berets; boxing shoes; bowling shoes; boots; boot accessories, namely, fitted decorative covers for boots; blazers; blousons; beach shoes; miters (hats); saris; cycling shoes; leisure suits; sandals; ladies' pants; ladies' boots; ladies' suits; suits; smocks; suede jackets; skirts; skirt suits; ski boots; stocking suspenders; boots for sport sports shoes; slacks; slippers; slipper soles; horse-riding boots; footwear; inner soles; shoe uppers; welts for boots and shoes; heelpieces for footwear; non-slip sole for footwear; tips for footwear; fittings of metal for footwear; men's suits; layettes clothing; anorak except for the exclusive use of sports; one-piece garments for children; ankle boots; baseball caps; baseball shoes; sock suspenders; woolly hats; trousers; esparto shoes or sandals; suspender belts for women; women's shoes; women's ceremonial dresses; overshoes; overcoats; over-trousers; overcoats; athletic footwear; one-piece play suits; wedding dresses; wind coats; infants' clothing; infants' shoes and boots; track and field shoes; hoods in the nature of clothing; suspenders, namely, (braces); belts in the nature of clothing; gowns; evening dresses; belt in the nature of the clothing; work clothing; uniforms for working; work shoes and boots; jumpers; horse-riding boots; jackets clothing; Korean traditional upper garments jeogori; paper hats clothing for use as clothing items; belts of textile; straw sandals; caps with visors; blue jeans; gymnastic shoes; football boots; studs for football boots; coveralls; capes; coats; combinations clothing article; top coats; turbans; tuxedos; tuxedo belts; tennis shoes; skull caps; togas; top hats; two piece suits; tunics; trench coats; parkas; pants; lace boots; hockey shoes; Korean traditional dress hanbok; Korean traditional trousers hanbok baji; Korean traditional undergarments hanbok sokgot; Korean traditional skirts hanbok chima; handball shoes; waist belts; leather belts in the nature of clothing; golf caps; rugby shoes; fur hats; ballet shoes; tuxedos; frocks; pelisses