Elinick, LLC

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Owner Address:100 Valesi Drive Morganville NJ 07751
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Artificial coffee; Artificial coffee and tea; Beverages made of coffee; Beverages with a coffee base; Caffeine-free coffee; Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee; Chicory based coffee substitute; Coffee; Coffee; Coffee and artificial coffee; Coffee and coffee substitutes; Coffee and tea; Coffee based beverages; Coffee beans; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee capsules containing coffee for brewing; Coffee essences; Coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee; Coffee extracts; Coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee; Coffee flavored syrup used in making food beverages; Coffee pods; Coffee substitutes; Coffee substitutes; Coffee-based beverage containing milk; Coffee-based beverages; Green coffee; Ground coffee beans; Iced coffee; Instant coffee; Mixtures of coffee and chicory; Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; Roasted coffee beans; Sugar-coated coffee beans