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Owner Address:Kongebakken 9 DK-2765 Smørum Denmark
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Headsets for use with computers, headsets for use with mobile devices, namely, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and PDAs in the nature of organizers and handheld computers; headsets for use with computers as part of a home entertainment systems not for gaming; headsets for use with game consoles; headsets for use with controllers for game consoles; headsets for use with hand-held units for playing video games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; headphones, speakerphones, corded and cordless; audiovisual communication equipment for use in video conference; audiovisual communication equipment for co-creation and cooperation; earphones, earbuds and video game discs; telephone headsets; wireless and wired digital audio transmitters; audio adapters; audio input and output converters; amplifiers; parts for headsets, namely, battery covers; wireless and wired communication devices for voice, data or audio transmission; audio cables; data cables; power cables; parts for headsets, namely, ear cushions; microphones; wireless transmitters; digital sound processor; stands adapted for headsets; parts for headsets, namely, speaker plates; accessories for headsets, headphones, speakerphones, video conference equipment, namely, ear cushions, cables, stands, hangers specially adapted for use with video conference equipment, adapters, batteries, carry bags, pouches; hands-free communication apparatus and equipment for desktop phones, computers, mobile telephones, mobile devices; ancillary equipment for computers, television sets and multimedia apparatus, namely, computer joystick peripherals; control mice and mousepads, computer mice, graphics tablets, computer keyboards, computer keypads; amplifiers, audio speakers and microphones; telephones; telephone adaptors; telephone cables; battery chargers; hands-free communication apparatus and equipment for use in offices and with personal computers, telephones, smartphones, tablets; downloadable communication interface software for headsets, Microphones, headphones and speakerphones; communication interface units for processing units; busy light indicators for use with wire and wireless communication apparatus; downloadable software for device management, monitoring and analytics; downloadable software for call-control systems and or hosted/cloud-based call-control systems; downloadable software, namely, downloadable software for firmware updates, including firmware offering additional features, connected application downloadable software, downloadable software analyzing data collected from headsets used in contact centers and offices; noise measurement apparatus; noise level indicators; apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound; USB cables and connections;Retail stores, retail distributorships, and online retail outlets featuring headsets, headphones, earphones and earbuds, speakers, microphones, telephones, telephone adaptors, telephone cables, battery chargers, speakerphones, devices for gaming and co-creation and collaboration equipment, wire and wireless communication apparatus, communication interface units and software, busy light indicators for use with wire and wireless communication apparatus and software, noise measurement apparatus, noise level indicators and apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound;