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Developing, arranging, and conducting educational conferences in the field of catfishing;The mark consists of a green catfish outlined and accented in black, with a white and black eye and with a partial pink colored underside jumping out of a black accented water superimposed on a black half circle shaded in blue and with a black circle to the left and below the catfish. The design appears above the black stylized wording CATFISH above the word CONFERENCE.;The color(s) green, white, blue, black and pink is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;Operating an online marketplace for sellers and buyers of goods and services; Developing, arranging, and conducting business conferences in the field of catfishing;CATFISH AS TO OPERATING AN ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR SELLERS AND BUYERS OF GOODS AND SERVICES IN INTERNATIONAL CLASS 35 AND CATFISH CONFERENCE AS TO THE DEVELOPING, ARRANGING, AND CONDUCTING BUSINESS CONFERENCES IN THE FIELD OF CATFISHING IN INTERNATIONAL CLASS 35 AND AS TO THE SERVICES IN INTERNATIONAL CLASS 41.;