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Sports shirts, Sports shirts with short sleeves, Stockings, Sweat-absorbent stockings, Stoles, Strapless bras, Straps for bras, underpants, undershirts, undershirts for kimonos (juban), Underskirts, Sedge hats (suge-gasa), Stretch pants, Uniforms, Serapes, String fasteners for haori (haori-himo), Union suits, Shampoo capes, Stuff jackets, Unitards, Suede jackets, Uppers for Japanese style sandals, Shawls, Suit coats, Uppers of woven rattan for Japanese style sandals, Suits, Veils, Head scarves, Suits of leather, Vest extenders, Stoles, Sun sleeves, Vested suits, Shell jackets, Sun visors, Vests, Shifts, Sunsuits, Visors, Shirt fronts, Surf wear, Volleyball shoes, Shirt yokes, Suspender belts for men, V-neck sweaters, Shirts, Suspender belts for women, Waist belts, Shirts for suits, Suspenders, Waist strings for kimonos (koshihimo), Shoe dowels, Suspenders, Waistbands, Shoe inserts for primarily non-orthopedic purposes, Swaddling clothes, Waistcoats, Shoe pegs, Sweat bands, Walking shorts, Shoe soles, Sweat pants, Warm up suits, Shoes, Sweat shirts, Water socks, Shoes soles for repair, Sweat shorts, Waterproof jackets and pants, Short overcoat for kimono (haori), Sweat suits, Wedding dresses, Short petticoats, Wedding gowns, Short sets, Sweaters, Wet suit gloves, Short trousers, Sweatsocks, Wet suits, Shortalls, Swim caps, Wet suits for water-skiing and sub-aqua, Shorts, Swim trunks, Wind coats, Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts, Swim wear, Wind pants, Short-sleeved shirts, Swim wear for gentlemen and ladies, Wind resistant jackets, Shoulder scarves, Swimming caps, Wind shirts, Shoulder wraps, Wind vests, Shower caps, Swimming costumes, Wind cheaters, Shrugs, Wind jammers, Silk scarves, Swimsuits, Wind shirts, Singlets, Wind-jackets, Skating outfits, Tailleurs, Winter boots, Ski and snowboard shoes and parts thereof, Women's ceremonial dresses, Ski bibs, Tank tops, Women's shoes, Ski boot bags, Tankinis, Women's underwear, Ski boots, Tank-tops, Wooden main bodies of Japanese style wooden clogs, Ski gloves, Tap pants, Wooden supports of Japanese style wooden clogs, Ski jackets, Tap shoes, Woolen socks, Ski masks, Teddies, Woolly hats, Ski pants, Tee shirts, Work shoes and boots, Ski suits, Tennis shoes, Working overalls, Ski suits for competition, Tennis wear, Woven or knitted underwear, Ski trousers, Textile diapers, Wrap belts for kimonos (datemaki), Ski wear, Textile nappies, Wraps, Skiing shoes, Thermal socks, Wrist bands, Anti-perspirant socks, Capelets, Fitted swimming costumes with bra cups, Japanese style clogs and sandals, Night gowns, Apres-ski shoes, Capes, Fleece pullovers, Japanese style sandals of felt, Night shirts, Aprons, Capri pants, Fleece shorts, Japanese style sandals (zori), Nightcaps, Ascots, Capris, Fleece vests, Japanese style sandals of leather, Night dresses, Athletic footwear, Caps, Flight suits, Japanese style socks (tabi covers), Nightgowns, Athletic shoes, Caps with visors, Flip flops, Japanese style socks (tabi), Nighties, Athletic uniforms, Cardigans, Foam pedicure slippers, Japanese style wooden clogs (geta), Nightwear, A-shirts, Cargo pants, Football boots and studs therefore, Japanese toe-strap sandals (asaura-zori), Non-disposable cloth training pants, Babushkas, Cassocks, Football shoes, Jeans, Novelty headwear with attached wigs, Baby bibs not of paper, Chaps, Footwear, Jerkins, Nurse dresses, Baby bodysuits, Chasubles, Jerseys, Nurse overalls, Baby bottoms, Chefs hats, Footwear for men, Jodhpurs, Nurse pants, Baby bunting, Chemises, Footwear for men and women, Jogging outfits, Baby doll pajamas, Chemisettes, Footwear for track and field athletics, Jogging pants, Baby tops, Children's and infants' cloth bibs, Footwear for women, Jogging suits, One piece garment for infants and toddlers, Balaclavas, Children's cloth eating bibs, Footwear made of wood, Judo suits, One-piece play suits, Ballet shoes, Children's headwear, Footwear not for sports, Jumpers, Open-necked shirts, Ballet slippers, Choir robes, Work boots, Jumpsuits, Outdoor gloves, Balloon pants, Clam diggers, Footwear in the nature of pumps, Kaftans, Outdoor mittens, Ballroom dancing shoes, Cleats for attachment to sports shoes, Footwear in the nature of rubbers, Karate suits, Over coats, Bandanas, Climbing boots, Foul weather gear, Kendo outfits, Overalls, Bandeaux, Clogs, Foulards, Kerchiefs, Baseball caps, Cloth bibs, Foundation garments, Kilts, Overshoes, Baseball shoes, Cloth bibs for adult diners, Frocks, Kimonos, Over-trousers, Baselayer bottoms, Cloth bibs for use by senior citizens or physically- or mentally-challenged persons, Full-length kimonos (nagagi), Knee highs, Pajama bottoms, Baselayer tops, Cloth diapers, Fur cloaks, Knee-high stockings, Pajamas, Basketball sneakers, Clothing for wear in judo practices, Fur coats, Knickers, Pantaloons, Bath slippers, Clothing for wear in wrestling games, Fur coats and jackets, Knit shirts, Panties, Bathing caps, Fur hats, Knitted caps, Bathing costumes, Clothing in the nature of arm warmers, Fur jackets, Knitted underwear, Pants, Bathing costumes for women, Clothing in the nature of folk costumes, Fur muffs, Lab coats, Pantsuits, Bathing suits, Clothing in the nature of hand-warmers, Fur stoles, Lace boots, Pantyhose, Bathing suits for men, Clothing in the nature of knee warmers, Gaberdines, Ladies' boots, Paper hats for use as clothing items, Bathing trunks, Clothing in the nature of neck tubes, Gaiters, Ladies' suits, Paper shoes used when going through metal detectors to keep feet and socks clean, Bath robes, Clothing in the nature of thobes, Galoshes, Ladies' underwear, Paraments, Beach coverups, Clothing in the nature of wrap-arounds, Garter belts, Layettes, Pareos, Coats, Garters, Leather belts, Beach footwear, Coats for men and women, Gauchos, Leather coats, Pareus, Beach shoes, Coats made of cotton, Girdles, Leather headwear, Parkas, Beachwear, Coats of denim, Gloves, Leather jackets, Beanies, Cobblers' aprons, Gloves for personal hand conditioning use, Leather pants, Pedal pushers, Bed jackets, Collar protectors, Leather shoes, Pedicure sandals, Belts, Collars, Golf caps, Leather slippers, Pedicure slippers, Belts made of leather, Combinations, Golf cleats, Leg shapers, Peignoirs, Belts of textile, Competitors' numbers of textile, Golf shirts, Leg warmers, Pelerines, Berets, Corselets, Golf shoes, Leggings, Pelisses, Bermuda shorts, Corsets, Golf spikes, Perspiration absorbent underwear clothing, Bib overalls, Costumes for use in role-playing games, Golf trousers, Leotards, Petticoats, Bibs not of cloth or paper, Coveralls, Gowns, Petti-pants, Bicycle gloves, Coverups, Greatcoats, Light-reflecting coats, Pinafores, Bicycling gloves, Cravates, Gym shorts, Light-reflecting jackets, Pique shirts, Bikinis, Cravats, Gym suits, Lingerie, Plastic baby bibs, Blazers, Creepers, Gymnastic shoes, Play suits, Bloomers, Crewneck sweaters, G-strings, Liveries, Pleated skirts for formal kimonos (hakama), Blouses, Crewnecks, Halloween costumes, Long jackets, Plus fours, Blousons, Crop tops, Halloween costumes and masks sold in connection therewith, Long sleeved vests, Pocket kerchiefs, Board shorts, Cross-country gloves, Halter tops, Long underwear, Pocket squares, Cross-country mittens, Handball shoes, Long-sleeved shirts, Polo shirts, Boas, Cuffs, Hatbands, Lounge pants, Ponchos, Body linen garments, Culottes, Hats, Loungewear, Body shapers, Cummerbunds, Head scarves, Low wooden clogs (hiyori-geta), Pullovers, Body stockings, Cycling shoes, Head sweatbands, Low wooden clogs (koma-geta), Body suits, Cyclists' jerseys, Head wear, Maillots, Puttees and gaiters, Boleros, Dance costumes, Headbands, Mantillas, Pyjamas, Bolo ties, Dance shoes, Mantles, Quilted vests, Bonnets, Deck-shoes, Mantles, Rain boots, Booties, Denim jackets, Martial arts uniforms, Rain coats, Boots, Denims, Heavy coats, Masquerade costumes, Rain jackets, Bottoms, Detachable neck pieces for kimonos (haneri), Heavy jackets, Masquerade costumes and masks sold in connection therewith, Rain slickers, Bow ties, Dickies, Heel inserts, Maternity lingerie, Rain suits, Bowling shoes, Disposable slippers, Heel pieces for shoes, Maternity sleepwear, Rain trousers, Boxer briefs, Disposable underwear, Heels, Raincoats, Boxer shorts, Do rags, High rain clogs (ashida), Men's socks, Rainproof jackets, Boxing shoes, Down jackets, Hiking boots, Rainwear, Bralettes, Drawers, Hip-guards especially made for fishing, Men's suits, Women's suits, Rash guards, Bras, Dress shields, Hockey shoes, Metal fittings for Japanese style wooden clogs, Removable collars, Skirt suits, Thermal underwear, Skirts, Thongs as footwear, Wristbands containing a cooling substance to cool the wearer, Thongs as underwear, Yashmaghs, Skiwear, Ties, Yoga pants, Skorts, Tightening-up strings for kimonos (datejime), Yoga shirts, Skull caps, Tights, Zoot suits, Skullies, Tips for footwear, Zori, Slacks, Sleep masks, Toe boxes, Sleep shirts, Toe caps, Sleeping garments, Toe straps for Japanese style wooden clogs, Sleepwear, Toe straps for Japanese style sandals (zori), Sleeved or sleeveless jackets, Togas, Sleeveless jerseys, Tongue or pull strap for shoes and boots, Sliding shorts, Top coats, Slipper soles, Slippers, Tops, Slips, Toques, Small hats, Track and field shoes, Smocks, Track pants, Smoking jackets, Track suits, Sneakers, Track suits, Snow boarding suits, Training shoes, Snow boots, Training suits, Snow pants, Trench coats, Snow suits, Snowboard boots, Trousers, Snowboard gloves, Trousers for sweating, Snowboard mittens, Trousers of leather, Snowboard pants, Trunks, Soccer boots, Tube tops, Soccer shoes, Tunics, Sock suspenders, Tuques, Socks, Turbans, Turtleneck sweaters, Turtlenecks, Soles for japanese style sandals, Tuxedo belts, Sport coats, Tuxedos, Sport shirts, Twin sets, T-shirts, Sports bras, Under garments, Sports jackets, Underarm clothing shields, Sports jerseys, Under clothes, Sports jerseys and breeches for sports, Sports overuniforms, Undergarments, Underwear, Underwear in the nature of boy shorts, Brassieres, Dress shirts, Miniskirts, Reversible jackets, Breeches, Dress suits, Hoods, Mittens, Riding boots, Bridesmaid dresses, Dresses, Moccasins, Riding coats, Briefs, Dresses made from skins, Horse-riding boots, Mock turtle-neck sweaters, Riding gloves, Dressing gowns, Hosiery, Mocknecks, Robes, Bustiers, Drivers, Housecoats, Money belts, Rompers, Bustle holder bands for obi (obiage), Dry suits, Hunting boot bags, Morning coats, Rubber shoes, Bustles for obi-knots (obiage-shin), Dungarees, Hunting vests, Motorcycle gloves, Rubber soles for jikatabi, Button-front aloha shirts, Dust coats, Infant and toddler one piece clothing, Motorcyclist boots, Caftans, Dusters, Infant cloth diapers, Mountaineering boots, Rugby shirts, Camisettes, Ear muffs, Textile infant diaper covers, Mufflers, Rugby shoes, Camisoles, Ear warmers, Infant sleepers, Rugby shorts, Camp shirts, Ear bands, Infant wear, Muffs, Rugby tops, Canvas shoes, Embossed soles and heels of rubber or of plastic materials, Infants' shoes and boots, Mukluks, Running shoes, Cap visors, Espadrilles, Infants' trousers, Mules, Sabots, Evening dresses, Muscle tops, Sandals, Evening gowns, Inner soles, Muu muus, Sandal-clogs, Fabric belts, Insoles, Neck bands, Saris, Insoles for shoes and boots, Neck gaiters, Sarongs, Jacket liners, Neckerchiefs, Sash bands for kimono (obi), Finished textile linings for garments, Jackets, Neckerchieves, Sashes, Fishermen's jackets, Japanese footwear of rice straw (waraji), Neckties, Scarves, Fishing vests, Japanese sleeping robes (nemaki), Neckwear, School uniforms, Fishing waders, Japanese split-toed work footwear (jikatabi), Negligees, Scrubs not for medical purposes; Parts of clothing, namely, gussets for tights, gussets for stockings, gussets for bathing suits, gussets for underwear, gussets for leotards and gussets for footlets; Leotards and tights for women, men and children of nylon, cotton or other textile fibers; Lingerie accessories, namely, removable silicone breast enhancer pads used in a bra; Protective metal members for shoes and boots; Toboggan hats, pants and caps; Triathlon clothing, namely, triathlon tights, triathlon shorts, triathlon singlets, triathlonshirts, triathlon suits; Undergarment accessories, namely, removable silicone buttock enhancer pads; Men and women jackets, coats, trousers, vests;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;ENTERPRISE;