Beneficence, Inc.

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The mark consists of a stylized letter B in the shape of a heart.;Blank or partially printed paper labels; Blank or partially printed postcards; Books and Booklets in the field of blessings; Brochures about blessings; Gift books featuring blessings; Journals concerning blessings; Leaflets about blessings; Pamphlets in the field of blessings; Partially printed forms; Printed emblems; Printed materials, namely, press releases featuring blessings; Printed paper labels; Workbooks directed to blessings; Printed forms; Printed informational cards in the field of blessings; Printed informational folders in the field of blessings; Cards, namely, note cards containing blessings; greeting cards and postcards; Bookmarkers; Bookmarks; Posters;BENEFICENCE;Sports shirts; T-shirts; Open-necked shirts; Polo shirts; Shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Hats; Headgear, namely, baseball hats;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;Cups and mugs; Glass mugs; Mugs; Mugs, not of precious metal; Drinking glasses; Glass etched by acid;