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Owner Address:8F, No. 19-3, Sanchong Rd. Nangang District Taipei City 115 Taiwan
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MP3 players, interface cards for data processing equipment in the form of printed circuits, handheld computers, semiconductors, semiconductor components, namely, semiconductor devices, semiconductor and integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, optical disk drives, CD rewritable drives, multifunction digital transmitter, multimedia image rewritable drive for computers, flash memory cards, silicon transistors, memory cards and integrated circuits for consumer electronic equipment, computer memory card adapters, blank electronic memory chip cards, computer memories, computer memory devices, namely dynamic random access memory or DRAM and read only memory or ROM, universal serial bus hardware, palm size personal computers, computer chips, notebook computers, VLSI or Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits, microprocessor chips, blank integrated microcircuit cards, data processors, data storage equipment namely, hard disks, optical disk drive, memory cards, floppy disk drive, DRAM module, electronic circuits on the PCB or printed circuit board, transistors, computers, memory for computer and computer peripherals, namely, memory cards and integrated circuits for computers and computer peripherals, computer operating systems, computer interface cards, audio speakers for computers, computer hardware, computer mouse, computer monitors, magnetic memory devices, digital disk drives, computer networking hardware, namely, devices for transporting and aggregating voice, data and video communications across multiple network infrastructures and communications protocols, telecommunications transmitters, digital still cameras, digital memory cards, digital video audio compact disc players, digital storage equipment namely digital signal processors, central processing units, micro control units, CD/DVD rewritable drives, integrated circuits, random access memory card, storage media, namely, compact discs, memory cards, blank tapes for recording, equipment for audio or image recording and copying, namely apparatus for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound and images, namely portable media player, electronic card readers, computer software program for use in database management, for media player, photo editing, music format converting, multi-media tool, file management, network management, video capture, video image processing, and communications software program for use in establishing and managing connections between a computer and computer networks; general purpose communications connectivity software used to emulate terminals for connection to computer networks, computer software used to access and transmit information from an on-line database, communications software, namely, browser software used to access, view and transmit information and data from websites on global computer networks, for computer software used to make a conference call or phone call between computers




Light bulbs; chandeliers; desk lamps; searchlights; floor lamps; spot lights; light reflectors; solar-powered all-weather lights; table lamps; electric lamps; electric lighting fixtures, namely, down lights; fluorescent lamps; emergency lights in the nature of electric lighting fixtures, namely, power failure backup safety lighting; aquarium lights; LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs; LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures; LED light assemblies for street lights, signs, commercial lighting, automobiles, buildings, and other architectural uses; electric night lights; wall lights; street lamps; miner's lights in the nature of headlamps