Alliyah Trimm Lewis

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Ponchos; Scarves; Clothing, namely, cowls and smoke ring scarves; Headwear, namely, hats and headbands; Bottoms as clothing for babies; Bottoms as clothing for children; Bottoms as clothing for adults; Fingerless gloves as clothing; Gloves as clothing; Head wraps; Hoodies; Infant wearable blankets; Jackets; Knitwear, namely, tops; Knitwear, namely, bottoms; Tops as clothing for babies; Tops as clothing for children; Tops as clothing for adults;Towels; Baby bedding, namely, bundle bags, swaddling blankets, crib bumpers, fitted crib sheets, crib skirts, crib blankets, and diaper changing pad covers not of paper; Bath linen; Bath towels; Bed sheets; Blanket throws; Blankets for household pets; Blankets for outdoor use; Wash cloths; Baby blankets; Beach towels; Bed blankets; Children's blankets; Children's towels; Children's bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets; Hand towels; Lap blankets; Large bath towels; Picnic blankets; Receiving blankets; Reversible bed blankets; Swaddling blankets; Travelling blankets;CROCHET;

Category: PONCHOS