Welcome to the Brand page for “KUPKAKES”, which is offered here for Address books; adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; agendas; anniversary books; appliques in the form of decals; appointment books; art etchings; art pictures; art prints; artists' brushes; artists' pastels; arts and craft clay kits; arts and craft paint kits; autograph books; baby books; bank checks; binder clips; binders; birthday books; blank journals; blank paper notebooks; book covers; bookbinding materials; bookends; bookmarks; boxes, cartons, storage containers, and packaging containers made of paper or cardboard; brag books; bumper stickers; calendar desk pads; calendar refills; calendars; cards, announcement cards, blank cards, blank note cards, business cards, christmas cards, flash cards, gift cards, greeting cards, holiday cards, invitation cards, note cards, occasion cards, place cards, picture cards, picture postcards, trading cards, telephone calling cards, not magnetically encoded; cartoon prints; cartoon strips; cases for checks; chalk and blackboards; chalk erasers; checkbook covers; children's activity books; children's books; children's interactive educational books; children's storybooks; children's wall stickers and murals; children's arts and crafts paper kits; coasters made of paper; coloring books; comic books; comic strips; composition books; crayons; credit cards without magnetic coding; custom paintings; daily planners; date books; decalcomanias; decals; decorations for pencils; decorative decals for vehicle windows; decorative paper bows for wrapping; decorative paper centerpieces; decorative pencil-top ornaments; decorative stickers for helmets; desk sets; desktop organizers; desktop planners; diaries; disposable napkins; document covers; driver's license cases; embroidery design patterns; engravings and their reproductions; envelopes; erasers; fabric gift bags; facial tissue; figures made of paper; folders; garbage bags of paper; garbage bags of plastics; gift bags; gift boxes; gift wrapping paper; glue for stationery or household use; graphic fine art prints; guest books; halloween goodie bags of paper or plastic; hand towels of paper; handkerchiefs of paper; hat boxes of cardboard; illustrations; impression stamps; lap desks; letter openers; letterhead paper; lithographs; lunch bags; magnetic boards; magnetic bumper stickers; markers; mechanical pencils; memo pads; memory books; murals; notebook dividers; notebook paper; notebooks; notepads; novelty identification cards; organizers for stationery use; packaging containers of paper; paint brushes; painting sets for children; paintings; paper and cardboard; paper baby bibs; paper badges; paper bags and sacks; paper bows for gift wrap; paper clips; paper decorative garlands for parties; paper labels; paper party decorations; paper party favors; paper place mats; paper ribbons; paper tablecloths; paperweights; party ornaments of paper; passport cases; passport holders; patterns for making clothes; pen and pencil cases and boxes; pen or pencil holders; pencil leads; pencil sharpeners; pencils; pennants of paper; pens; personalized coloring books for children; pictorial prints; picture books; pictures; plastic bags for packing; plastic gift wrap; plastic shopping bags; pocket secretaries; posters; printed art reproductions; printed paper labels; printed paper signs; printed stories in illustrated form; prints; protective covers for books; protractors; push pins; rubber bands; rubber stamps; scented drawer liners; scrapbook pages; scrapbooks; stamp pad inks; staple removers; staples; stationery; stencils; stickers and sticker albums; wedding albums; wrapping paper; writing pads; iron-on transfers.

Its status is currently believed to be dead. Its class is “Paper goods and printed matter”. KUPKAKES is believed to have no current owner.

Owner:No Current Owner
Address books; Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Agendas; Anniversary books; Appliques in the form of decals; Appointment books; Art etchings; Art pictures; Art prints; Artists' brushes; Artists' pastels; Arts and craft clay kits; Arts and craft paint kits; Autograph books; Baby books; Bank checks; Binder clips; Binders; Birthday books; Blank journals; Blank paper notebooks; Book covers; Bookbinding materials; Bookends; Bookmarks; Boxes, cartons, storage containers, and packaging containers made of paper or cardboard; Brag books; Bumper stickers; Calendar desk pads; Calendar refills; Calendars; Cards, announcement cards, blank cards, blank note cards, business cards, Christmas cards, flash cards, gift cards, greeting cards, holiday cards, invitation cards, note cards, occasion cards, place cards, picture cards, picture postcards, trading cards, telephone calling cards, not magnetically encoded; Cartoon prints; Cartoon strips; Cases for checks; Chalk and blackboards; Chalk erasers; Checkbook covers; Children's activity books; Children's books; Children's interactive educational books; Children's storybooks; Children's wall stickers and murals; Children's arts and crafts paper kits; Coasters made of paper; Coloring books; Comic books; Comic strips; Composition books; Crayons; Credit cards without magnetic coding; Custom paintings; Daily planners; Date books; Decalcomanias; Decals; Decorations for pencils; Decorative decals for vehicle windows; Decorative paper bows for wrapping; Decorative paper centerpieces; Decorative pencil-top ornaments; Decorative stickers for helmets; Desk sets; Desktop organizers; Desktop planners; Diaries; Disposable napkins; Document covers; Driver's license cases; Embroidery design patterns; Engravings and their reproductions; Envelopes; Erasers; Fabric gift bags; Facial tissue; Figures made of paper; Folders; Garbage bags of paper; Garbage bags of plastics; Gift bags; Gift boxes; Gift wrapping paper; Glue for stationery or household use; Graphic fine art prints; Guest books; Halloween goodie bags of paper or plastic; Hand towels of paper; Handkerchiefs of paper; Hat boxes of cardboard; Illustrations; Impression stamps; Lap desks; Letter openers; Letterhead paper; Lithographs; Lunch bags; Magnetic boards; Magnetic bumper stickers; Markers; Mechanical pencils; Memo pads; Memory books; Murals; Notebook dividers; Notebook paper; Notebooks; Notepads; Novelty identification cards; Organizers for stationery use; Packaging containers of paper; Paint brushes; Painting sets for children; Paintings; Paper and cardboard; Paper baby bibs; Paper badges; Paper bags and sacks; Paper bows for gift wrap; Paper clips; Paper decorative garlands for parties; Paper labels; Paper party decorations; Paper party favors; Paper place mats; Paper ribbons; Paper tablecloths; Paperweights; Party ornaments of paper; Passport cases; Passport holders; Patterns for making clothes; Pen and pencil cases and boxes; Pen or pencil holders; Pencil leads; Pencil sharpeners; Pencils; Pennants of paper; Pens; Personalized coloring books for children; Pictorial prints; Picture books; Pictures; Plastic bags for packing; Plastic gift wrap; Plastic shopping bags; Pocket secretaries; Posters; Printed art reproductions; Printed paper labels; Printed paper signs; Printed stories in illustrated form; Prints; Protective covers for books; Protractors; Push pins; Rubber bands; Rubber stamps; Scented drawer liners; Scrapbook pages; Scrapbooks; Stamp pad inks; Staple removers; Staples; Stationery; Stencils; Stickers and sticker albums; Wedding albums; Wrapping paper; Writing pads; Iron-on transfers