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Outer clothing, sports wear, tops ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A business form particularly adapted for generalized use, although it may be used in a medical or hospital environment includes in a first embodiment a wristband that is provided with a face stock imaging area and an overlying laminate portion with each having one or more cinch slots through which the free end is inserted for securing the wristband about a person's appendage. The labels and the wristband may each be imprinted with identifying indicia such as bar coding and the form is laid out to be arranged in a continuous, relatively narrow, web for convenient processing through a thermal printer. A second embodiment of the invention includes a self laminating wristband similar in construction to other embodiments and comprised of a layer of face stock and a laminate, with the laminating portion having its overlapping half adjoined at the end of the first lamination portion instead of at its side. In other words, the laminating portion includes two halves which fold together about a fold line to enclose the face stock as before, except that the halves fold over end-to-end. The cinch comprises two slots which may both be located outboard of the face stock, and in the laminate portion alone or in both the face stock and laminate portion. Any of the wristband constructions may be provided in any combination, with or without labels, on a sheetlet or a page sized sheet, in any of a number of configurations, to suit any particular application, as desired by a user.