Brand Owner Address Description
IYUDUO Xiamen Yuduo E-commerce Co.,Ltd. 3G78,Building 8,Cultural Creative Park Jiahe Liangku,No.1-8,Wenping Road,Siming District,Xiamen 361000 China The wording iYuDuo has no meaning in a foreign language.;Combs; Cruets; Basting brushes; Bath brushes; Bath sponges; Body scrubbing puffs; Cake moulds; Cleaning cloth; Cleaning sponges; Containers for household use; Dishwashing brushes; Drinking straws; Electric face cleansing brushes; Gardening gloves; Gloves for household purposes; Kitchen containers; Laundry baskets; Lunch boxes; Pet brushes; Pet feeding and drinking bowls; Plastic cups; Soap holders; Sports bottles sold empty; Toilet brushes; Toiletry sponges; Towel rails and rings; Washing brushes; Waste baskets; Watering cans; Work gloves;

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