Brand Owner Address Description
BAIWU Foshan Shunde Honglang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. 801, Block 9, No. 3 Changfu West Rd Ronggui St, Shunde District Foshan, Guangdong 528306 China The wording BAIWU has no meaning in a foreign language.;Air conditioning installations; Air purifying apparatus and machines; Apparatus for cooking, namely, cooktops; Beverage cooling apparatus; Cooling installations for water; Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; Domestic cooking ovens; Electric air deodorizers; Electric cooking stoves; Electric fans for personal use; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Gas scrubbing apparatus; Germicidal lamps for purifying air; Hair dryers for household purposes; Ultra-violet radiators not for motors and engines; Ultraviolet lamps not for medical purposes; Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; UV halogen metal vapor lamps;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand