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OPERATIONS ENGINEERED blue Wing, Inc. P.O. Box 16318
St. Paul MN 55116
Providing wired and wireless communications consulting ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention relates to a radio communication apparatus and a radio communications method, a radio communication system, a recording medium, and a computer program in which a response signal to an inquiry is returned to a master only when instructions to perform radio communications are issued. A CPU 51 blinks LED 56 when an inquiry signal is received, and transmits a response to the inquiry signal when a user who has referred to lighting of the LED 56 operates a connection response button 53. The connection response button 53 is operated when the user issues radio communications instructions with respect to the inquiry signal. In other words, even when wireless headphones 2 are within an area capable of radio communications with the master, only if the connection response button 53 is operated by the user, it sends to the master a response to the inquiry, and establishes connection. The present invention may be applied to a wireless storage server, wireless headphones, and audio reproduction apparatuses.