Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
SKYOS Iakovlev Andrey Promishlennaya, 6
308023 Belgorod
Russian Federation
(Based on Use in Commerce) (Based ...
SURF CREATURES Surf Creatures, LLC c/o Koenig & Associates
920 Garden Street, Suite A
Santa Barbara CA 93101
Clothing, bathing suits, belts, baby bibs ...
TRACKMYMOBILE LandAirSea Systems, Inc. 2040 Dillard Court
Woodstock IL 60098
Computer application software for mobile phones, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Fabricating roll-good fuel cell material involves laminating first and second bonding material webs having spaced apart windows to first and second surfaces of a fuel cell membrane web. First and second active regions of the membrane web are positioned within the respective bonding material windows. Third and fourth gasket material webs having spaced apart windows are respectively laminated to the bonding material on the first and second membrane web surfaces. The bonding material windows align with the respective gasket material windows so that at least some of the bonding material extends within the respective gasket material windows. Fluid transport layer (FTL) material portions cut from fifth and sixth FTL material webs are laminated to the respective first and second active regions. The FTL material portions are positioned within respective gasket material windows and contact the bonding material extending within the respective gasket material windows.