Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
A ADAPT Adapt-Mobile Ltd 201 Clerkenwell WorkshopsGB
United Kingdom
Rechargeable alkaline batteries; power supplies, power ...
IGO iGo, Inc. 17800 N. Perimeter Drive, Suite 200
Scottsdale AZ 85255
Clothing, headwear configured to accommodate a ...

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Technical Examples
  1. System and method for transparently attaching wireless peripherals to a computer using a Bluetooth wireless network. A preferred embodiment comprises an interface (for example, interface 630), a communications bus (for example, a USB 620), and a Bluetooth wireless network adapter (for example, a master unit 610). The interface translates messages from either the communications bus or the Bluetooth wireless network adapter so that a software stack is not needed to perform the translation at a later time. This helps to maintain the computer's reliability and performance. The system and method also affords wireless connectivity without the presence of a computer system.