Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
A2 Marr, Travis 2269 Levante St.
Carlsbad CA 92009
Clothing, Hats, Jackets, Shirts, Sweaters, Scarves, ...
AXCELERATE Speedo Holdings BV Claude Debussylaan 24
1082 MD Amsterdam
Clothing, shirts, blouses, singlets, bathing caps, ...
BE GOOD TO PEOPLE. Say No More Promotions, Inc. 38 S. Fourt Mason
San Francisco CA 94123
Clothing, shirts, blouses, singlets, bathing caps, ...
COVER 2 COVER Fortune Fashion Industries LLC 920 Garden Street, Suite A
c/o Koenig & Associates
Santa Barbara CA 93101
Clothing, bathing suits, beach jackets, beach ...
JET PANT Ellesse International S.p.A. Via Mario Angeloni 80/A
Perugia 06124
Clothing, shirts, vests, trousers, trouser suits, ...
JOEYS BY KANGAROOS Asco Group Limited Chancery Court, The Mall
Footwear; clothing excluding underwear and sleepwear, ...
SPORT OF LIFE Ellesse International SpA Via Filippo Turati 32
06074 Corciano, Perugi
Clothing, shirts, blouses, singlets, vests, trousers, ...
SUPERFLY A & H Sportswear Co., Inc. 110 Commerce Way
Stockertown PA 18083
Water shorts for fishing and swimming
THE RACING SYSTEM Speedo Holdings B.V. Claude Debussylaan 24
1082 MD Amsterdam
Clothing, swimwear; swimwear, hydrodynamically designed briefs, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A neoprene fly closure which provides for minimization of bulk through the fly area of a pair of board shorts, which further provides for a more comfortable pair of shorts when worn surfing. The use of a neoprene gore eliminates bulky seams in the fly area, allowing a user to pull shorts on and off and also providing for a privacy shield should the fly area become open.