Brand Owner Address Description
BR√úCK Interauto, Inc. Suite 205
5750 N. Sam Houston Pkwy East
Houston TX 77032
Automobile engine and motor parts, fans ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An improved mounting unit of wall faucet mainly is to design two locking ends extruded on the shutter near the granite counter to lock the locking units and position the water faucet on the granite counter; in addition, the locking ends are designed on the non-returning pads in the locking screw caps to prevent the water flow from effusion from the locking units. Therefore, because the locking units are locked directly on the locking ends of the water faucet and the water flow can directly flow from the locking screw caps of the locking units and inner thread portion vertically, so as to shorten the interval between the shutter and wall after the installation of water faucet into the shutter of a granite counter for saving space and costs in connection materials.