Brand Owner Address Description
BRA DOCTOR Les Modes Ancora Inc 1215 Mont Royal East
Adhesive bras; Bras; Brassieres; Briefs; Bustiers; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A sports goggle includes a goggle main body (1) on which information processing means (2) is mounted. The goggle main body (1) has an eye piece portion (3) on which information display means (4) is mounted. Information transmission means of transmission/reception of information on sports to/from outside can be mounted on the goggle main body (1). Furthermore, the information processing means (2) and the information display means (4) may be made as a unitary block. There is provided a sports goggle through which a user can check the displayed information even while performing a sport, can get information judged to be appropriate at appropriate moment in a comparatively short time, can pay attention to the display unit without lowering the sport ability, and can get sophisticated instructions from an instructor or a coach.