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QUILTER Quilter Labs, LLC 1700 Sunflower
Costa Mesa CA 92626
Amplifiers for guitar, bass guitar, other ...
QUILTER Quilter Labs, LLC 1700 Sunflower, Suite A
Costa Mesa CA 92626
amplifiers for guitar, bass guitar, other ...

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Technical Examples
  1. In telecommunication systems including a terminal and a speech recognizer for vocal commanding, an indication signal originating from the terminal is detected, e.g., a telephone number dialed or a key signal or a vocal signal, or originating from an application located in the terminal or elsewhere in the network and in dependence of the indication signal a capacity parameter for the vocal commanding is adjusted, whereby a flexible capacity parameter is created for adjusting the available bandwidth between terminal and speech recognizer and/or for adjusting a processor capacity of terminal and/or speech recognizer, e.g., a sampling rate or a noise reduction being deactivated, as a result of which name dialing, command and control, and dictation can be done with the highest efficiency.