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AYRE Ayre Acoustics, Inc. 2300-B Central Ave.
Boulder CO 80301
Amplifier stands; Amplifiers; Analog to digital ...
WISOUND Galanou, Martha Mavili 32
Gerakas 15344
Amplifier for wireless communications; Amplifiers; Antennas ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a system and method for programming and/or charging one or more audio/video devices such that the audio/video devices will be programmed and charged to receive transmitted audio and video signals associated with an event, allowing a user to use the audio/video device to observe the sights and sounds of the event. A preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a cart with a docking port for each of a plurality of personal audio/video devices, a charger configured to charge the power source of each personal audio/video display device, and programming logic configured to program each of the personal audio/video devices.