Brand Owner Address Description
BIZVID BIZVID LLC 3227 Meade Ave. Suite 4A
Las Vegas NV 89102
Advertising, marketing, and promoting the goods ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention discloses an audio-visual retrieval and playback apparatus for a single use which has a housing having a viewing screen thereon 22 which can be sealed and packaged 14 having a headphone 16 with a pair of earpiecess 18 along with wiring 20 which connects the headphone to the housing. The present invention has a play button 24, along with a stop button 26 having slot 28 which accepts audiovisual cards along with a pair of ports 30, 32 for interfacing with another computer. Data can be retrieved from an external database having a plurality of audio video data for download. A user views the collection of audio video data and selects an audio video datafile for download to a disposable player that will retain the audio video datafile for later use.