Brand Owner Address Description
ARECONT VISION Arecont Vision, LLC 7th Floor
425 E Colorado St
Glendale CA 91205
Cameras for monitoring and inspecting equipment ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Images are projected onto two adjacent screens whereby one screen is movable with respect to the second screen. A projection system disposed generally in front of the two screens is capable of displaying images on each screen independently when the two screen are in an "open" position or on both screens together when the two screens are configured in a "closed" position. In a first "open" configuration, the images viewable on one screen are not viewable to the viewers of images on an adjacent screen and, in a second "closed" configuration, images are displayed on both screens together so as to be viewable by all members of the audience. In addition, a berm is configured between the viewing area of one screen and the viewing area of the other screen to create an audio and visual barrier between the two screens.