Brand Owner Address Description
CELEBRATING LEGACY Systems Research & Development 1785 East Sahara Avenue, Suite 290
Las Vegas NV 89104
Audio and video broadcasting services over ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system and method for improved navigation and access of computer media content using media transport controls is provided. These transport controls may be placed in various locations such as on the computer housing, on a keyboard, on a monitor or a remote control. With these controls, a user may easily play multimedia content and navigate to individual tracks or segments of an audio and/or video stream. The transport controls include a play/pause button, a stop button, a previous button, and a next button. A user may intuitively activate and interact with media content in a variety of applications using these transport controls. For example, users may play recordings such as voice mail and review their recorded replies using the transport controls. Users may similarly play and/or review multimedia annotations made to any application files, including traditional computer files such as spreadsheets, documents and presentations.