Brand Owner Address Description
CLEO DU MARAIS Jaimie Bond LLC 7985 Santa Monica blvd Suite 109-555
West Hollywood CA 90046
Blouses; Boots; Coats; Coats for men ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A multi-component device which is capable of delivering a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock which can incapacitate a person or animal that is worn as an ordinary article of apparel (clothing) by a person for use as a defensive or offensive weapon that is not distinguishable or identifiable as a weapon. The types of apparel used as this device are regular clothing items such as pants, jackets, vests, shoes and gloves, all of which contain internal high voltage electrodes and wiring, a unique pressure sensitive activation switch, and a separate control unit that is attached to a belt or placed in a pocket which is connected to the clothing item by a separate multiconductor electrical wiring harness. The device is activated by physical contact with target subject.