Brand Owner Address Description
AIM SPORTS AIM Sports Incorporated 1321 East Chief Privado
Ontario CA 91761
Wholesale and retail store services featuring ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An apparatus for the independent control of the amount of heat produced by a right and a left side heated hand grip includes a control panel with various input buttons and a pair of LEDS that each indicates a relative power setting of one of the heated hand grips. A microprocessor receives input instructions from the input buttons and provides a first pulsed DC output having a desired duty cycle to one of the heated hand grips and a second pulsed DC output having either the same or a different duty cycle to a remaining one of the heated hand grips, thereby controlling the amount of heat produced by each respective heated hand grip. This improves comfort. Reverse polarity protection, a return to previous power settings, including a remembrance of a differential between the two heated hand grips, and automatic shutoff when battery voltage reaches a predetermined value are described.