Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
MEDUSA EndoShape, Inc. 2450 Central Avenue, Suite No. 1
Boulder CO 80301
Medical devices, vascular occlusion devices for ...
ONE-LOK Vascutek Limited Newmains Avenue
Inchinnan, Renfrewshire PA4 9RR
United Kingdom
Surgical and medical apparatus, devices ...
XCLUSIVE Cook Medical Technologies LLC 750 Daniels Way, P.O. Box 2269
Bloomington IN 47402
Medical devices, vascular occlusion devices

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Technical Examples
  1. Device for implanting occlusion spirals in body cavities or blood vessels with a catheter, an occlusion spiral that can be moved within the catheter in the longitudinal direction, and at least one securing means attached in the occlusion spiral, structured as a flexible lengthwise element, which passes through the length of the occlusion spiral at least in a partial region, which is characterized in that the securing means contains a material with shape memory properties.