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NEW USERS MEESTER, MATTHEW 7102 West 84th Way, Suite 407 Arvada CO 800031511 USERS;providing information in the field of computers and global computer networks by means of a global computer network;
TRADER'S THINKTANK Opinicus Holdings 3839 McKinney Avenue Suite 155-2097 Dallas TX 75204 Providing subscription based internet chatrooms for professional and non-professional stock and option traders for the exchange of option market analysis among users;TRADER'S THINK TANK;

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Technical Examples
  1. Systems and methods measure the navigability of a web site by determining the rate at which simulated users absorb information scent. This note can be viewed as a measurement of accomplishing the users' information goals. As users reach their target information, the users terminate their navigation in the web site. Thus, the rate at which users finish is a measurement of the navigability of the web site.