Brand Owner Address Description
MEGA MOUTH National Ag Science Center 200 W. Roseburg
Modesto CA 95350
Downloadable computer game application software, for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A cell phone system that controls the functionality of cell phones based upon their geographical locations. Functionality information stored in data bases located at and unique to each location. A local or low power transmitter at each location transmits functionality information from the data bases to cell phones currently at the locations. Alternatively, a single data base common to the entire network is used to store functionality information for a plurality of locations. The geographical location of active cell phones is monitored and when a cell phone enters a restricted location, cell phone location information is transmitted to the network data base to read it out and transmit the applicable functionality information to cell phones. The functionality information may represent voluntary restrictions displayed on the cell phones or they may be mandatory restrictions that inhibit cell phone functions defined by the restrictions.