Brand Owner Address Description
CARL TORSBERG Rudolf Garo Weingartenstrasse 11CH
Clothing, footwear, headwear; outerclothing, coats ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Disclosed are a facial pack composition and a bathing composition based on loess, and methods for preparing the same. The bathing composition makes a user feel refreshed, prevents arteriosclerosis and fat accumulation in human bodies, is useful for the treatment of maturating diseases such as dermatophytosis and dermatitis and stimulates metabolism and blood circulation system of the human body. Additionally, the facial pack includes loess having a fine particle size sufficient to avoid skin irritation and thus does not adversely affect the skin even if the user uses the pack everyday. The loess is pretreated by a unique aging method and selected additives, so that the far infrared ray-emitting effect of the loess can be maximized. Therefore, it provides skin health-aid and cosmetic effects. Further, the bathing composition is an environmental-friendly composition because the loess-containing water discharged after bathing flows into a draining path, thereby purifying a contaminated river and recovering contaminated soil.