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A Project 18, LLC 35 West 36th Street
New York NY 10018
compression garments for athletic or other ...
AL1VE MAGNETICS PROJECT 18, L.L.C. 35 West 36th Street
Suite 5W
New York NY 10018

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Technical Examples
  1. Maternity wear of the invention accommodates the changing shape of a woman's body during pregnancy, minimizing the need for maternity clothes. In one aspect of the invention, pants or a skirt are worn with the upper end unfastened so as to conform to the shape of the swelling torso in pregnancy, and an elastic band shaped similarly to a tube top is worn generally around the waist, so as to overlap the top of the unfastened pants or skirt and retain them on the body. A top, such as a blouse or shirt, can be worn with its tail end extending over the band. In another aspect of the invention, too-large maternity clothing is worn with the band garment engaged over the upper end. If desired the band garment can be folded over on itself, thus doubling its thickness.