Brand Owner Address Description
ANSUL...YOUR PARTNERS IN PROTECTION Tyco Fire Products LP 1400 Pennbrook Parkway
Lansdale PA 19446
Fire suppression apparatus, portable fire extinguishers; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An automotive vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least one reservoir containing a fire suppressant agent. A distribution system receives the fire suppression agent from the reservoir and conducts the agent to at least one location about the vehicle's body in response to the determination by a sensor system and controller that the vehicle has been subjected to a significant impact. The sensor system and controller determine not only the magnitude of an impact upon the vehicle, but also track subsequent motion of the vehicle, as well as the time which has elapsed since an impact, so as to decide if and when the fire suppressant agent should be dispersed. Alternatively, the fire suppressant agent may be dispersed following activation of a manual switch.