Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
28 STARS 28 stars clothing 1440 Coral Ridge Drive St 427
Coral Springs FL 33071
Tops; Wearable garments and clothing, shirts; ...
MALU flecky, dan E. ; villalba, gaston
huntington beach ca. CA 92648
Cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses; Cases ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An abradable coating is formed on portions of the flank wall of the wraps of a scroll compressor. The radially outer portions of the flank wall are left uncoated, and can bear a force between the scroll wraps. In this manner, the load is not transferred through a coated portion, but rather through the uncoated portion. As the scroll wraps move relative to each other at run-in, the abradable coating wears away leaving a tight fit between the flank walls at the radially inner locations.