Brand Owner Address Description
EMTROL Amril AG Baarerstrasse 10
6304 Zug
Chemical products for agricultural, horticultural ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Smokable rods of cigarettes are manufactured using wrapping materials that incorporate at least one fibrous material (e.g., flax fibers, hardwood pulp fibers and/or softwood pulp fibers) at least one filler material (e.g., calcium carbonate in particulate form). The wrapping materials possess multi-layer coatings. The wrapping materials possess coatings in the form of series of spaced apart bands, each band possessing a series of layers. At least one of the coating layers can have a filler material dispersed or suspended within a film-forming material of that layer. For a representative wrapping material, a pattern of applied to the wire side major surface of the wrapping material substrate as a plurality of layers, and at least one of the layers includes ethylcellulose and calcium carbonate. For that layer, the calcium carbonate is present in an amount greater than the ethylcellulose, on a weight basis. The ethylcellulose and calcium carbonate typically are applied as part of a non-aqueous formulation incorporating iso-propyl acetate, triacetin and lecithin.