Brand Owner Address Description
THE FUTURE HUNTERS Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc. 200 East 33rd Street, Suite 9I
New York NY 10016
Education, training, and entertainment services, providing ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method regulates the time constant matching of a DC/DC converter phase, further to a variation of a load applied to an output of said phase. Such phase being associated with a coil network, with a series RL circuit and a reading network 10, with a series RC circuit connected in parallel to the coil network. The method includes an acquisition step, suitable to acquire the trend of a voltage detected across the capacitance CD of the reading network 10, transforming it into a current trend, a detection step suitable to identify a variation above a certain threshold value of said current trend, an identification step, enabled by said detection step, suitable to determine a slope of said current trend and a regulation step suitable to adapt the value of said resistance RD based on said slope determined by said identification step.