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protective clothing, body armor, safety helmets, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Devices and methods are disclosed for achieving hemostasis in solid visceral wounds. Such devices and methods are especially useful in the emergency, trauma surgery or military setting. In such cases, the patient may have received trauma to the abdominal viscera. The devices utilize flexible, variable depth transfixing bolts that penetrate the viscera. These bolts are pulled tight to bring the tissue into apposition and hold said tissue in apposition while the wound heals. These bolts overcome the limitations of sutures that are currently used for the same purposes. The bolts come in a variety of lengths and diameters. Since the bolts are flexible, the curvature may be adjusted by the surgeon. The devices are flexible, bendable, and conformable in their wet or dry state. They can be used either straight or through a broad range of curvatures to suit the needs of various pathologies. The bolts include pressure plates that are capable of exerting compressive pressure over broad areas of visceral wounds without causing tearing of the friable parenchyma. The bolts may be placed and removed by open surgery or laparoscopic access.