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A GROUPE AUCHAN 40 avenue de FlandreF-59170 CROIX
Advertising services; publication of advertising texts; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A thermistor, which is to be mounted on a PCB, for protecting other circuit elements is disclosed. Electrode patterns separately formed on both surfaces of a film resistance element are respectively shaped into two parts which are engaged to each other with a non-conductive gap interposed therebetween. Thus, a Tombstone phenomenon caused by asymmetric structure may be fundamentally prevented. Grooves are formed in both sides of the thermistor, and connection portions for electrically connecting the electrodes formed on both surfaces of the thermistor are formed through the inside of the grooves or through the sides except the grooves. Thus, though a crack arises in the connection portion, it is possible to prevent the crack from being propagated to the entire connection portion along the side of the thermistor.