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ONEDCN Dr. Marlon Teichfuß Waldhäuser 4301737 Hartha
Computer software design; technological consultation in ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method for operating and translating SCCP global titles to implement the global roaming uses a signal message routing based upon the SCCP global title. According to one embodiment of the present invention, if a received signal message is routed according to the global title, the required global title translation is for global roaming is determined by detecting whether a local global title has been defined in the received signal message. If the translation is to be made for global roaming, then the types of global title translations to be conducted are determined among the country code global title translation, the network code global title translation and the mobile subscriber identification number global title translation based upon whether the country code and/or the network code of the local global code are identical with those of the global code to be translated. In this manner, the present invention may implement the efficient SCCP global title translation while supporting the global roaming.