Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
A GROUPE AUCHAN 40 avenue de FlandreF-59170 CROIX
Advertising services; publication of advertising texts; ...
MDLZ Intercontinental Great Brands LLC 100 Deforest AvenueUS
United States
Advertising services; business management; business administration ...

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Technical Examples
  1. In the preferred embodiment, a thick regular-k dielectric is formed on a substrate. A tungsten plug is formed in the thick regular-k dielectric. The thick regular-k dielectric is recessed and a thin low-k dielectric is formed on the thick regular-k dielectric. The thin low-k dielectric acts as a glue layer and as an etch stop layer. A thick low-k dielectric is formed on the thin low-k material. Optionally, an opening is formed through the thick low-k dielectric to expose the tungsten plug. The opening is then filled with copper or copper alloys.