Brand Owner Address Description
WIRENAUTS Mars Telecommunications LLC 9179 N. Co. Rd 250 E.
Roachdale IN 46172
Installation and repair of low voltage ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A thermostat mounting structure capable of reliably positioning an embedded thermostat and ensuring high sealability. A coolant channel is formed in a casing. An embedding hole is formed in the casing across the coolant channel. A thermostat includes a cylindrical valve body with a surrounding wall having an entry aperture and an exit aperture. A valving element for advancing and retracting to open and close the entry aperture and the exit aperture. The thermostat is inserted into the embedding hole so that both apertures face the coolant channel. A cover member for covering the embedding hole via a circular rubber seal seated in a groove of the cover member and for fixing the thermostat. A positioning structure for positioning the thermostat to a side of the cover member.