Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
LOOGGA Sasnet Media Pty Ltd Level 3 , 8 Threadwell Road
Essendon North 3041
Ad serving, placing advertisements on websites ...
SMALLCALL Gajanovic, Borislav Aschheimerstr. 21/2
81671 Munich
Advertising agencies; Advertising agencies, promoting the ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Service resource items (49) for use in call setup in a telephone system are held on servers (58) that are connected to a computer network which is logically distinct from the telephone system infrastructure; this computer network may, for example, make use of the Internet. Each service resource item (49) is locatable on the network at a corresponding URI and is associated with a particular telephone number. A mapping is provided between telephone numbers and the URIs of associated service resource items. When it is desired to access a service resource item (49) associated with a particular telephone number, this mapping is used to retrieve the corresponding URI (step 55) which is then used to access the desired service resource item (56, 57, 59).