Brand Owner Address Description
MILLIONAIRE'S READING CLUB Springboards to Education, Inc. 3802 South Highway 281
Edinburg TX 78539
Paper goods and printed matter, printed ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Learning materials of an Ueda Method can be distributed to teachers and learners through a computer network, and a teacher can effectively teach a language using the distributed learning materials of the Ueda Method. The method includes: (A) inputting to a computer predetermined information about our daily life which refers to an advertisement of a company; (B) preparing language learning materials for a learner and language teaching materials for a teacher based on the advertisement; (C) distributing the language learning materials to the learner through a network; (D) distributing to a teacher the language learning materials and the language teaching materials through a network; (E) training a teacher using the language learning materials and the language teaching materials; (F) inputting and registering the trained teacher and a learner in the computer; and (G) the trained teacher teaching a language to a learner through the computer.