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CHILD1ST PUBLICATIONS, LLC Child1st Publications LLC 1379 S. Aspen Street
Lincolnton NC 28092
printed educational materials in the field ...
FOLD-N-GO Oldar, Debra Louise 2726 Mildred Place
Ontario CA 91761
Educational books featuring K-12 level English ...
XBOOKS Scholastic Inc. 557 Broadway
New York NY 10012
Providing a website containing non-downloadable educational ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention is a speech cueing system that incorporates a multi modal (auditory, visual, tactile-kinesthetic) approach to teaching speech sounds and an accompanying apparatus. The system provides explicit instructions on how to utilize the apparatus in the method of multi modal teaching The apparatus is a planar surface equipped with fixed and moveable cue markers and vowel and consonant sound cards. The planar surface has securement locations at either end and along the fixed cue marker, for placement of the movable cue marker and sound cards in specific arrangements to teach various sound combinations, as set forth in the written instructions. The instructions also include designated tactile kinesthetic hand movement patterns that work in conjunction with the set up of the apparatus for the given sound combinations.