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ARTEUM ARTEUM 10 rue du MailFR
Wholesale distributorship of jewelry, precious stones, ...
CHRISTIAN LACROIX Christian Lacroix, SNC 7 Rue Henri Rochefort
75017 Paris
Articles made of precious metals, their ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Disclosed is disposable tableware which is completely degradable under environmental conditions without environmental contamination. The disposable tableware is prepared using environmentally friendly, completely degradable materials without additional chemical additives while maintaining the shape and function of general disposable tableware so that it is completely degraded under environmental conditions, thus not causing environmental contamination and problems associated with waste disposal such as separation from other wastes. Also, the present invention discloses a method of manufacturing such disposable tableware. The disposable tableware is prepared by compression-molding a composition including 1-30 wt % of crop residues, 1-30 wt % of corn flour, 1-10 wt % of paper mulberry bark, 1-10 wt % of a moss and 30-96 wt % of a grain flour mixture as the remaining part.