Brand Owner Address Description
ACTIVTABLE Promethean Limited Promethean HouseGB
United Kingdom
Wireless apparatus and instruments, computer peripherals ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An improved tablet feeder includes a rotating body defining multiple chambers that are arranged in fluid communication with one another in a serial manner. Tablets flow through the multiple chambers for discharge from the tablet feeder. The rotating body has a rotational axis that is oriented at an inclination angle less than 60 degrees from horizontal. The chambers preferably include a primary chamber that holds a large number of tablets, a secondary chamber (which may have a frusto-conical sector or wedge shape) that is disposed at a position offset from the rotational axis, and a third chamber and exit tube disposed along the rotational axis. The device may be adapted to provide for singular and/or non-singular discharge of tablets from the exit tube during rotation of the rotating body.