Brand Owner Address Description
MARY MACLEOD'S SHORTBREAD HANDMADE ALL BUTTER 2130637 Ontario Inc. 639 Queen Street East, Unit A
Toronto, Ontario M4M1G4
Retail store services featuring cookies, breads, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A ball bat exhibits improved barrel performance in regions located away from the "sweet spot" of the bat barrel, as a result of discrete lamina tailoring in those regions. One or more layers, or laminae, in regions of the bat barrel away from the sweet spot, are tailored to increase the radial compliance, or reduce the radial stiffness, of the bat barrel in those regions, so that they perform more like the sweet spot of the barrel. Additionally, or alternatively, one or more laminae in the bat handle and/or the tapered section of the bat may be tailored to increase the radial compliance in those regions.