Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
CONNECTED KEEPSAKES Infinite Machines LLC 2035 Saddleback Drive
Danville CA 94506
Jewelry and jewelry making kits; ornamental ...
JOLEE'S BOUTIQUE EK Success Ltd. 100 Delawanna
Clifton NJ 07014
Educational services in the nature of ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A subsea well pumping system for installing and retrieving a hydraulically actuated down hole pump employed within the tubing suspended within casing extending from above a seabed, the system having a wellhead assembly affixed to the upper end of the casing for supporting the tubing and including provision for hydraulically communicating with the interior of the casing and the tubing, a remotely controllable main valve affixed to the tubing at its upper end, a tubular pump lubricator affixed at its lower end to the main valve, a removable pump latch sealably closing the pump lubricator at its upper end and having a pump catcher extending downwardly therefrom for removably latching onto the pump and a system for guiding the pump suspended form the pump catcher into the pump lubricator whereby the pump can be moved downwardly in the tubing into a pumping position by fluid injected into the tubing and can be moved upwardly in the tubing into a retrievable position for grasping by the pump catcher by fluid injected into the casing.